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Gotta get that document out of your computer or memory stick and into the real world? We got you covered… Just send anything you need printed (from A4 all the way up to A0) to in PDF format, tell us how many copies you need, what size you need, whether you want it colourful or black & white and one of our managers will hook you up. We can bind your A4 and A3 docs too.


Perhaps it’s the other way around and you need that document in the real world back inside your computer or memory stick? We still got you covered! Also from A4 all the way up to A0, your stuff can be emailed to you, popped on a memory stick, or more copies made.

Price List

Architectural Prints

Size Colour B&W
A0 R40 R25
A1 R30 R15
A2 R22 R12
A3 R10 R2
A4 R5 R1
Presentation Prints

Size Colour
A0 R140
A1 R85
A2 R60
Scanner Services

Size Colour
A0 R30
A1 R25
A2 R20
A3 R5
A4 R2
Document Binding

Size Colour
A3 R45
A4 R35
Print Services Print documents
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