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Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop

Need a break from chilling on the beach all day? Perhaps you’re looking for a rad work environment where you’re surrounded by epic humans?

Pull in for a flat white, a craft beer or grab some of our incredible chow while you work, mingle, take a nap or come up with the next world-changing idea.

Shared Work Space

Shared Workspace

Working in isolation or being in a startup can be difficult when you’re not in the right environment. Step into a world that will stimulate you creatively, connect you with a bunch of awesome people and give you the space you need to take your work to a new level of greatness.

Print Services

Print Services

Need to get that CV, presentation or concert ticket printed urgently? No worries, we’ve got your back with our printing and scanning services. The prices are chilled, the quality is great and it’s the perfect excuse to have another shneaky cup of coffee while you wait.

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